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About us

There were two main drivers for the setting up of F.E.E.D.S. The first was to provide local employment for the seasonally employed farmers who seek other employment avenues between their farm activities to augment their incomes. A paucity of local opportunities makes them travel well beyond their village limits, oftentimes beyond their districts. This disrupts the rural economy and strains the social bonds of families and local communities.  The second was the greater adoption of unsustainable practices in every day rural life, from construction to lifestyles, in a mirroring of what is happening in the larger urban agglomerations across the region. F.E.E.D.S's endeavours to work on solutions for livelihood generation activities that are environmentally sensitive, and  are based on climate change mitigating technologies.

Project based assistance has a limited shelf life and efficacy. Long term engagement around a livelihood platform is the need of the hour. Funds provided by the government and other agencies for specific projects are not the real challenge. The issue is that in nearly all cases there is no access to sustained expertise to guide these efforts. FEEDS aims to bridge that gap by providing access to expertise in specific fields like construction, agriculture, plantation, food products, water, waste, energy, and so on.


Work at Myrdon was initiated back in 2016, starting with the training activities in Bamboo harvesting, treatment, preparation and prefabrication of bamboo structural components. Construction of a school and a few chicken sheds were the initial activities, but this has now grown to include all forms of structures in the village…. A community building, cow sheds, a church is on the cards, houses, house extensions, toilets, work sheds, storage structures and so on.


In March of 2018, FEEDS was formally registered in Meghalaya, under the Registration of Societies Act XXI of 1860.

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