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On site Bamboo works begin at the Nongbah Myrdon Community Building

June 12, 2018

Columns and beams start getting fixed at the community building. these will hold up a large span roof (nearly 16 metres across). The predominant amount of this structural bamboo works is on the first floor of the community building, above the existing RCC framework. 

The School gets a roofing structure

May 15, 2018

The Earth and Bamboo School being built at Nongbah Myrdon, gets a  roofing structure  on the double storey block, completing the roofing framework. The roofing sheets are expected any moment now.

Participating in the Yes Foundation Social Challenge

March 11, 2018

F.E.E.D.S made a short film as its entry in the Yes Foundation Challenge.  This competition gave us the impetus to put together a film and that has given us some amount of visibility. Do take a look. There are many more films on the cards, so watch this space.

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