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Founding members

Biplob Thangkhiew


Biplob is the Headman of Nongbah Myrdon village, the President of the Ri Bhoi Youth Federation, a successful entrepreneur running a Telecom Distributorship in the district and is also a registered government contractor and supplier.

He is passionate about the environment and rural development and has been at the forefront of visible change in his village. He oversees all the operational aspects of F.E.E.D.S activities .

Harsha Sridhar

General Secretary

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Harsha is an architect working on sustainable architecture and also runs an independent practice, 'Initiative for Green Habitats', (IGH) which is based in Bangalore. IGH supports all the design and technology dimensions of F.E.E.D.S activities.

He looks after the integration of industry /technology and respective expert coordination for the various activities of F.E,E,D,S, and coordinates the operations along with Biplob .

Executive committee

Mr Klostarwel Shangdiar

Vice Chairman

Klostarwel is the General Secretary of the Dorbar Shnong, Nongbah Myrdon. He is a prominent church leader (Tymmen Basan) at the Presbytarian Church in the village. He is a farmer who cultivates paddy and ginger and also has his own tea garden.

Klostarwel handles all local mobilisation and interactions.

Embi Sohktung

Asst. General Secretary

Embi is the Executive Member of the Dorbar Shnong, Nongbah Myrdon and is the Secretary of the Village Employment Council. He is a farmer who cultivates paddy and ginger.

Embi does the record keeping for the various labour and material costing of the various  livelihood activities of F.E.E.D.S

Augustin Sten

Executive Secretary

Augustine is the Headman of Mawteng village in Bhoirymbong Block, and is the General Secretary of the RBYF,  and is a government registered contractor and supplier. 

He is a keen believer in the self sustenance and is entrusted with taking this effort of f F.E.E.D.S to other parts of the district and the state.

Leonia Malniang


Leonia holds a Bachelors of Commerce degree and is  self employed. 

She handles the  general accounting of F.E.E.D.S

Wanpher Wahlang

Organising Secretary

Wanpher is a registered government supplier and contractor. He is an enthusiastic worker of the RBYF and brings some of that energy to F.E.E.D.S. 

He takes care of  events, meets, and all other information gathering for F.E.E.D.S

Lankapur Sawkmei

Publicity Secretary

Lan's other role is that  of the Vice President of the RBYF.  He is a registed government supplier and contractor.

Lan handles the media interface at F.E.E.D.S

Ninestarwel Sokhtung

Asst. Organising Secretary

Ninestarwel works at the Community Rural Centre (BASIC) at the village level. His position as the Welfare Secretary at the Dorbar Shnong, NONGBAH Myrdon is well appreciated. 

He assists Wanpher with his duties at F.E.E.D.S

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