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Beyond being a sustainable agency of local development,  FEEDS primarily aims to:

  1. Evolve a model of sustainable development that is based on the principles of developmental autonomy, where decisions of direction and form are taken at the village level and does not follow a top down model.

  2. Introduce sustainable and low energy, technologies to reduce the impacts on the environment and climate through unplanned rural development. 

  3. Improve the quality of skillsets

  4. Facilitate the access to expertise that rural communities would otherwise not be able to reach out to.

  5. To identify projects (govt. or otherwise) within or beyond the village.

  6. Expand the livelihood opportunities to cover other areas like furniture and household utilitarian product making, local foods, bio char, and much more.

  7. Facilitate the creation of enterprises for the different products and services

  8. Create backward integration to raw material and other basic resources and forward integration to markets and potential avenues for the utilisation of the products and services of the various activities of FEEDS.

  9. Boost the local economy, as a result.

  10. To expand this effort to other areas of the state/country through these rural success stories

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