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Bamboo Plantation and Harvesting

The backbone of any sustainable bamboo based  activity is a healthy access to bamboo. While a number of bamboos grow in Meghalaya, not many of them are good for all construction uses. There are many that are good for mat making, there are others that are good for split bamboo panels, and yet others that are suitable for poles, horizontal ties and roofing members.

There are a few species that grow in Meghalaya that can be used for construction— Bambusa Balcoa, Bambusa Nutans, Dendrocalamus hookeri, Dendrocalamus hamiltonii and Melocanna bambusoides are a few.


We have identified a few of these construction grade bamboos in  the state, specially across Ri Bhoi District. FEEDS has encouraged headmen and  land owners who have the desired bamboo  to maintain their bamboo and to sell their bamboo, and in parallel has initiated the setting up of a managed bamboo plantation across an initial patch of 5 acres in Nongbah Myrdon.  This is to make the bamboo based livelihood unit of Nongbah Myrdon self sufficient in this resource. We have started planting Bambusa Balcoa, and Dendrocalamus Gigantus for now, and plan to introduce Thyrsostachys Oliveri . All these species have been located from within the District and rhizomes for the same are being procured.

A team of  4 to 5 persons has been trained in identifying mature bamboos ready for harvest. They have been in action since late 2016 procuring various bamboos for training and the construction of different building units using bamboo. 

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