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F.E.E.D.S has created 'Intensive Training Programmes' for its current Livelihood activities, with a specific focus on rural development. These training programmes are offered to rural audiences through direct participation or via government / institutional participation channels. The training programme for the complete Earth and Bamboo based construction technologies span 10 days and cover making of different tupes of blocks, masonry  and civil construction recommendations for the various zones of the north eastern states. 

The training modules can also be dovetailed for specific requirements, and can be done as stand alone components. The training activity is also conducted as 'on the job' training activities which are planned around actual building activity. These are different training modules currently on offer:

Bamboo construction

  1. Bamboo harvesting

  2. Bamboo Treatment and preparation

  3. Bamboo fabrication of construction components - columns, trusses, walling panels, ties & bracing.

  4. Bamboo construction 

Earth based construction

  1. Block making technologies

  2. Masonry in focus

  3. Civil construction for high seismic zones

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