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Bamboo Prefabrication

Over 15 youth have been trained in  the fabrication of various treated bamboo components used in  bamboo based construction.  These techniques ensure robust and resilient assembly methods, using a combination of machine tools and upgraded traditional bamboo joinery.  Currently, the  fabrication teams use the bamboo treated by the Bamboo Treatment unit and share the same space as them.  They are scheduled to move into their own dedicated fabrication workshop by end of this year, or early next year. 

So far, this unit has provided components for chicken coops, a school, toilets and  a community building in the village of Nongbah Myrdon, with work scheduled to start on Cow sheds, houses,, the new Bamboo Treatment and Fabrication  Centre and a Church. The  Bamboo fabrication  unit has also  provided  structural components for a community building in Pamtbuh village in Amlarem block, West Jaintia Hills Meghalaya. The unit is  supported by design and fabrication instructions.  Every structure is broken down into a kit of  modular parts  for easy replication and uniformity. Each structure is  therefore simplified into  columns, walling panels , bracing members, roofing trusses/rafters and purlins. 

The fabrication unit is steadily improving its ability to handle complex structural components, and large spans.  We are currently in the process of setting up two fabrication teams under head craftsmen.

Into the future, we hope to involve more youth in this Bamboo fabrication livelihood unit  and have plans to spin off a furniture building unit from the same. 

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